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Reporter from Henan Zhengzhou institute of the new-style material that pack learns now, a kind of invention patent technology that uses a country to have Zhang Xijun of outstanding contribution expert " produce the method that has prestressing force to be not weaving fabric " classics woof paper of production, in the science and technology of Zhengzhou great seal that pack finite liability company succeeded recently devoted batch turns production, pack bag of shopping bag in 2008 China Shanghai get on exhibition of travelling merchant of China and foreign countries look at in person.

Face papermaking to must cut a tree, environment of serious effect zoology course of study of this one papermaking is cosmopolitan difficult problem, the 8th, National People's Congress of 9 whole nations undertook is as long as on behalf of Zhang Xijun 10 think for years, exploration and research. As we have learned, the series product such as the classics woof paper that Zhang Xijun develops, the intensity of paper is by classics woof place is decided, pulp fiber became filler, the traditional papermaking technology of the intensity that broke through fiber of pulp of all previous cause to decide paper, came true to replace wood pulp to produce the excellent paper that gives more variety to taste with blame wood pulp. Detect according to concerning a section, identical and mensurable, classics woof kraft and traditional wood pulp kraft are compared, even if transverse strength is identical,classics woof kraft can be accomplished not only, and the vertical, transverse strength that vertical, transverse strength all is more than kraft, manufacturing cost is returned under kraft. Accordingly, outside needing to use a few wood pulp paper except special purpose, the classics woof kraft paper that the kraft paper that our country place requires basically can use fiber of straw of waste paper, bamboo, reed, cotton, crop, fly ash to wait for production to go out will replace, accomplish do not cut a tree or cut a tree less. Protected with each passing day reductive forest natural resources, improve our green home, promoted global economy and society and person and natural harmonious development. Concerned expert thinks, classics woof paper is successive innovated the papermaking method that forefathers invents, walked out of fit Chinese national condition, the papermaking industry that has Chinese distinguishing feature develops way, make papermaking technique of China goes alive bound front row afresh, be known as the 2nd invention of papermaking art.

Waste paper is the renewable resources with place and even important country, world developed country is emphasizing raising waste paper to reclaim utilization rate. But waste paper of traditional papermaking technology uses efficiency low, second birth paper and chipboard class are low. The personage inside course of study is analysed, use Zhang Xijun to invent patent technology papermaking, not only resource uses efficiency tall, paper tastes class tall, and every 10 thousand yuan of production value are energy-saving, fall bad news all is in 80% above. Because line fiber is contained in waste paper of classics woof paper, reclaim so the number that use is more, the line fiber content in pulp is more, the strength that paper tastes is greater, can accomplish waste paper for many times to reclaim use, reduce waste and environmental pollution, china also does not need to import excellent waste paper in great quantities from abroad again, foreign currency of managing a huge sum. With Henan the province is exemple, press complete province population 98 million, average per capita uses paper 50 kilograms, waste paper reclaims rate by 50% computation, complete province can reclaim every year waste paper 2.45 million tons. If use this to invent patent technology papermaking entirely, not only economic benefits is enormous, can cut a tree less every year 41.65 million, the forest of twenty-six thousand four hundred hectare got protective.
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