Newest SolarSoft technology introduces papermaking of Fu Yi spy Asian market
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The new generation polyurethane that SolarSoft is series of Solar of service of papermaking of Fu Yi spy includes glue material. Afterwards is after European market make a great coup, introduce hill of Chinese elder brother and Indonesian Jakarta formally already now. The service center of papermaking of Fu Yi spy of two ground uses this advanced technology, in order to ensure what roller includes glue is high quality.

SolarSoft is special be aimed at bumf machine compress reach what true pneumatics extracts place and design. Its apply can increase speed apparently, expand produce can, prolong the service life of net blanket, improve the paper quality of bumf significantly at the same time. Besides, solarSoft is fought goodly cut function and flexibility, make paper machine is operated safer, move more reliable.

SolarSoft is by Europe papermaking of Fu Yi spy serves center of research and development to be developed independently. Recently, the bumf machine with a banner whole world produces England the balata with will traditional business wraps glue stuff instead polyurethane of SolarSoft of Fu Yi spy includes glue, through additional the area of starting a hole that blind aperture design makes true pneumatics extracts roller from 19.8% rise 31.76% . This one change can make paper machine speed raises 100 meters instantly below standard moving condition / minute above.

The fact proves, the balata that replaces a tradition with polyurethane on bumf machine includes glue, it is a tremendous technical progress. Bumf machine switchs on the mobile phone smoothly afresh not only; It is below the case that others did not make paper machine any adjustment and be changed, carry fast more than 100 meters / minute, make daily output increases 5 tons thereby.

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