Plank of birthday Guang Chenming develops floor of wood of tall wear-resisting a
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The near future, foundation of company of plate of birthday Guang Chenming market demand, timely adjust product structure, constituent technology personnel is passed adjust, optimize technology program, successful development gives floor board of wood of tall wear-resisting aggrandizement, fill provincial and blank.

Wear-resisting function is the key that decides quality of aggrandizement wood floor, for this, personnel of technology of company organization major is opposite early or late the each index parameter such as temperature of paper of wear-resisting of multiple of dissolve of glue viscosity, water, macerate undertook for many times experimenting, in order to seek optimal technology program. In experiment process, the exterior wear-resisting index as a result of aggrandizement wood floor and exterior concussion and surface are connected appear function to become inverse ratio, namely the 3 oxidation of wear-resisting paper 2 aluminous grams are jumped over again big, exterior wear-resisting performance is better, but exterior brittleness also is increased at the same time, and influence diaphaneity, affect the woodiness sense of aggrandizement wood floor thereby, to overcome this one difficult problem, the company is opposite early or late again whole pressed the pressure that sticks product line and hot pressing time to undertake for many times adjustment, the floor board of wood of tall wear-resisting aggrandizement that developed paper of 62 grams wear-resisting successfully. This floor can maintain tall wear-resisting function to increase wooden grain diaphaneity again already, make floor surface airtight at the same time the gender is bigger than having before rise, rose to be fought very well corrupt the effect, the product gets offline to get the favour of numerous consumer.

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