Deepness of zoology coating EcoQuik develops papermaking industry application
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American paint company - zoology paint company (Ecology Coatings) , was the same as Ximixiegen recently university (WMU) the papermaking engineering department of chemical project institute reachs intent of collaboration of a technology, the university that comes from WMU teachs Margaret Joyce to will guide group of research and development to have the research of deepness with respect to the coating product that uses in papermaking industry.

According to bilateral cooperative agreement, study the group will evaluate the EcoQuik coating performance of zoology paint company, and choose follow the product that papermaking industry concerns among them, undertake farther application studies. The EcoQuik coating of zoology paint company can be used as papermaking coating not only, and OK still and wide application is in other coating and printing ink recipe. Check what apply with etc to turn to a test through studying the performance of the group, will closer the develops this kind of product application range of one pace. At present project of this research and development has been started, predict to be in prospective 2~3 early days survey is completed inside lunar time, report zoology paint company.

The virgin support of the people of zoology paint company tastes development chief Sally Ramsey newly, also be the inventor of coating of papermaking of class of rice of waterproof coating of zoology paint company, accept, will cooperate this project to undertake a series of survey activity. EcoQuik coating is zoology coating the coating product of newest research and development, its produced a technology to cover but clean technology and technology of accept rice material, this painting system does not contain machine dissolvent, accordingly won't product VOC and HAP, at the same time the solidify means of coating uses the technology of ultraviolet light solidify with energy-saving environmental protection, replaced traditional papermaking coating heat solidify mode. Achieved the goal with energy-saving production not only, and also shortened greatly production is periodic, improved the manufacturing efficiency of papermaking industry effectively. Product of coating of class of rice of this kind of accept, because have,be able to bear or endure wonderfully attrition function, because this is besides papermaking industry, also still be in metal, glass, rubber-plastic wait for base material aspirant travel application.

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