New-style number of Deluba pressworks equipment
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No less than we know in that way, supplier of a lot of equipment held the news briefing before exhibiting in the winter last year, reported the new product that oneself may roll out on Deluba to everybody. Now, presswork as this of grand meeting hold, I am willing to guide everybody to be opposite again of these equipment business showpiece window has check.

The Deluba in our eye

HP company had published the performance data of Indigo 7000 printing machine in the round, the speed of this equipment compares former some 5500 model bigger, through the test with this printing machine the user undertakes talk, I understand them special to the speed of Indigo 7000 printing machine satisfaction, but pressworking to it the change on quality does not have too deep feeling. Because this printing machine is had bigger presswork dimension and faster presswork speed, can become so a lot of presswork the good choice of the factory.

HP company joins the largest window that exhibit this is ink jet technology, they were in application of newest emulsion printing ink on the printing machine of old width of cloth with contest subordinate angel. No less than what you expect in that way, this is technology of printing ink of a water radical, and can indoors outside use at the same time. It will get applied on a series of brand-new ink jet equipment, will meet with the audience first on Deluba. HP company claims this technology won't get bear imprint the limitation of thing kind, this also is the largest dominant position that it develops market of old width of cloth.

A product that is worth us to expect is 30 inches of wide ink jet printer. The width that an expert of offset print respect tells me to say this printing machine and 400 feet / minute speed union rises can make an any offset press dim and blank. It brings countless likelihoods for us, but at the moment, its development foreground still remains wait-and-see. HP company is used to promoting a product to the market first, expand business around it again next, the effect that accordingly I produce to print to these products was full of expect. But remember please, ink jet still is a newer technology, it still has a paragraph of very long way to want.

High speed number pressworks Ni Pusen company will roll out equipment supplier according to saying it is the speed on the market the fastest (500 feet / minute) carbolic pink printing machine -- VaryPress 500. This printing machine pressworks surprisingly the good choice that speed makes its became mixture offset print to apply, when undertaking mixture pressworking because of other figure printing machine, can not achieve perfect result. Ni Pusen company claims VP500 is mixed easily with offset press the tradition such as flexographic plate printing machine pressworks equipment conformity is together. This sounds it seems that very interesting, and the prospectus that I hope to be able to see more go out in the production on this equipment.
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