Zhengzhou of classics woof paper realizes industrialized production successfully
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A kind of invention patent technology that uses a country to have Zhang Xijun of outstanding contribution expert " produce the method that has prestressing force to be not weaving fabric " classics woof paper of production, in the science and technology of Zhengzhou great seal that pack finite liability company succeeded recently devoted industrialized production, extended the development way with new industry of our country papermaking thereby.

This invent patent technology is president of limited company of the science and technology of Zhengzhou great seal that pack Zhang Xijun passes 10 old with great concentration to consider, the invention comes out, was awarded to invent patent certificate by bureau of national intellectual property on October 9, 2002. On this foundation, he developed development to give classics woof paper achievement of this one new and high technology, praise in the height that Shenzhen China International was concerned expert and client domestic and internationally in October 2003 on Fair of achievement of new and high technology. Qualitative, norms mixes the material that this kind of technology carries change classics woof density, choose different pulp, producible the classics woof paper that gives diverse use demand is tasted, realize scientific papermaking thereby. Concerned expert thinks, the development of classics woof paper is successful, hopeful defeats solution papermaking to must depend on fell trees tree, affect zoology environment badly thereby this one cosmopolitan difficult problem, effective protection virgin forest and artificial woodlot, improve zoology environment, extend the development way with new industry of our country papermaking.

As we have learned, the classics woof kraft paper that this company produces can replace a tradition one layer paper bag of cowhide of 4 complete wood pulp, every 10 thousand yuan of production value are energy-saving, fall bad news and liquid waste are discharged all reduce 70% above, had sold as far as to and other places of Australia, United States at present, welcome by the user. Because the intensity of classics woof paper is high, the company already produced a paper with thin and strong tenacity to taste, replace a tradition plastic shopping bag, become " be restricted model makes " after coming on stage already energy-saving the substitute of environmental protection.

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