Industry of Jin Dong paper 3 paper machine record of world of speed of the 4th r
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Industry of Jin Dong paper 3 paper machine record of world of speed of the 4th refresh. On April 23, 2008, this paper machine with average 1750 meters / minute speed moves 24 hours continuously (ration is overcome for 80-90 / square metre) .

Jin Dong 3 paper machine is the coated paper inside machine machine, speedSizer AT applies use Fuyite glue machine and spreader of type of trends of DynaCoater AT of two Fu Yi spy. Since formal 2005 put into production, fuyite hand in hand industry of Jin Dong paper, achieve the world record that does not contain the domain of double-faced coated paper that grinds wood pulp in production for many times.

Wu Shengfang of general manager of industry of Jin Dong paper expresses: "Without our employee and Fuyite, the company breaks foregoing world records impossibly. " he complements, the average speed of 3 paper machine maintains 3 days continuously be in 1750 meters / minute. In producing a course, no matter be,behave very outstandingly in the quality of paper or moving performance side. "These records showed we have actual strength to achieve the goal of set. Fuyite is our long-term partner; Had their technical support, we will have confidence to be carried further more fast. We will have confidence to be carried further more fast..

Papermaking of Fu Yi spy was offerred for 3 paper machine include to be designed to a series of components of straight-cut rewinding machine from makings preparation, purchase reach installation inspect manage to serve, and all figuration fabric and compress fabric. In 3 years after switching on the mobile phone, fuyite still is 3 paper machine to offer paper machine fabric all the time. Besides coarse cotton cloth of PrintFlex P2, PrintTech O2, fuyite still offers PrintForm HQ to shape net, 3 person combine those who improved fabric to shape; In the meantime, the dry net of PrintTech Q2 and LBR also made sure paper machine moves goodly.

According to Fuyite " same platform concept " 3 machine use the Jin Dong that the design makes at production not to contain the coated paper that grinds wood pulp, quantitative limits 80~128 is overcome / square metre, the network is 10.6 meters broad. Mixed in January 2007 in May, speed of this paper machine achieves 1701 meters respectively / minute mix 1720 meters / minute.

Papermaking of Fu Yi spy

Papermaking of Fu Yi spy is door of subject Fuyiteji's round one greater part, the forerunner that is papermaking industry person. Adopt adamantine reform, papermaking of Fu Yi spy makes papermaking produced a process to get the biggest optimize, by Fuyite papermaking equipment produces the paper that the whole world has more than 1/3.

Group of Fu Yi spy

Fuyite is standard of establish of papermaking, the sources of energy, drive and industrial service inside alive bound limits. It founds 1867 on January 1, have at present about 37, 000 employee, sale achieves 4 billion euro, there are more than 270 branches in the whole world, it is one of Europe's biggest household companies.
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