Level of science and technology of industry of cane of our country bamboo and in
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Project of domain of agriculture of the plan of national science and technology that prop up " Zhu Teng is bred with use a technology to innovate " promoted our country level of science and technology of Zhu Teng industry and integrated benefit, enlarged international influence further.

Began bamboo cane industrialization to use research of evaluation of function of system of resource product standard, zoology and healthy protection technology, cent class 12 kinds, preliminary compose built the standard system that resource of cane of our country bamboo is bred and uses, held Zhu Teng 1 times resource and use standardization seminar, publication paper market 1, preliminary protocol bamboo international standard. Began self-restraint of bamboo forest fountainhead, soil to earth up fat, soil to resist aggressivity, improvement the research of rule of change of feature of loop of diversity of microclimate, biology, carbon, for Zhulin ecosystem and adjusting control laid a foundation. Admirable breed chooses bamboo resource to considered to obtain significant progress with breeding technology, collect bamboo shoot to use, the leaf is used, fiber is used wait for admirable bamboo to plant qualitative 5 kinds 13 600 much individual plant, breed for bamboo provided a basis, xie Yongzhu's seed selection helps advance somebody's career for bamboo of edible of our country giant panda offerred a technology to prop up, kind of qualitative resource that developed the Lei Zhu, green bamboo, important economy bamboo such as bamboo to plant collect and the seed selection of admirable sheet individual plant, build Lei Zhu, bamboo and green bamboo to plant qualitative resource library each 1, began bamboo fast numerous system and blossom research of adjusting control technology, execute crossbreeding to wait to study artificial pollination mixes bamboo further provide referenced basis. Began important bamboo resource to breed with manage new technology to consider to mix demonstrative research, built megalosaurus bamboo experiment to set an example forest 200 mus, bamboo of a the sources of energy is planted collect save an area, green Pi Zhu is directional breed an experiment to set an example forest 1 place. Began Lin Jing of travel ground bamboo to watch a canal to protect Zhulin of crucial technology, Central Plains to safeguard technology and giant panda to feed makings Zhulin to breed a technology to consider, already finished admirable bamboo to plant choose, make choice of 4 bamboo plant Chan Zhu of bamboo of the green jade between green Pi Zhu, gold, Tai Zhu, pink begin an experiment to set an example. Began bamboo radical to enhance material and technology of preparation of material of accept rice modified to consider, considered not to have scanty solution technology directly to trail bamboo, make bamboo integrated utilization rate achieves 90% above.

Innovation began technology of preparation of material of Zhu Jixin charcoal to consider, in bamboo charcoal radical is new-style store side of data of material of material, electromagnetism screen material, zoology pottery and porcelain, can electric function acquired 4 patent technologies, laid a foundation to develop new-style material. Bamboo fine makes oar environmental protection manufacture craft new technology, industry of paper of hill of Lai of beautiful interest of the smelt metal in be limited company is new on product line offers a technology to prop up, anticipate build environmental protection of cleanness of 100 thousand tons of bamboo to make oar papermaking demonstrative product line, reduce contaminant to discharge 80 thousand tons, managing lumber 350 thousand stere. Make oar function and the technology that undertake sulphonating lignin is produced at the same time consider through undertaking sulfite to Guangdong miscellaneous bamboo, research achievement starts product line of limited company of beautiful straw fiber for Guangdong flower heart energy-saving fall bad news made contribution, for the enterprise year add receive 20 million yuan, afore-mentioned achievement transfer income 310 thousand yuan.
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