Announce him research and development when pay interest printer of ink jet of 4
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When the technology fills the ink jet that boards to Deluba in everybody to expect completely, the United States pressworks the printer of ink jet of 4 kinds of web that the tycoon announces to he had developed first resolution inside course of study to be 1200dpi when pay interest firm. Although this equipment is done not have,appear on Deluba, but allegedly this the name is ISP (unifinication pressworks system) the printing machine of 3 can raise resolution from 600dpi double original.

This new-style printing machine suits to be used in financial service territory very much, presswork because of what it has 76 centimeters width mixes 2.03 meters / the speed of 4 kinds of output of the second (top speed of double lubricious black-and-white is 4.06 meters / second) .

Although presswork to for the factory, develop printing machine is not a common to lift, but they had tried hard silently for this 30 old time.

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