Swiss development goes intensity to exceed the accept rice paper of iron
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Swiss development goes intensity to exceed the accept rice paper of iron

Beijing time on June 11 message, according to England " new scientist " magazine story, swiss scientist development is compared one kind successfully cast-iron even hard a lot of new-style paper, it is so easy to want disclose to defeat a paper bag to do not have later. The Lasi Baigelunde of royal technical institute expresses Swiss Stockholm Switzerland, people can use paper of tradition of consolidate of this kind of new-style paper, production exceeds strong adhesive tape or the synthetic substitute that production biology organizes.

Although of Baigelunde this kind " accept rice paper " tenacity is very strong, very hard also, but it is to use the biology data that discovers in traditional paper -- cellulose is made. One kind this kind grows senior candy member is plant cell wall most bases, also be the most general organic compound on the earth. Lumber is commonly mix by about one semi-cellulose and other construction compound and become.   

In plant cell wall, each other secure individual cellulose element together, forming a diameter is the fiber of 20 accept rice about, silk of hair of mankind of this kind of fiber comparing is 5000 times finer. These fiber form coriaceous network, offer the structure that prop up for cellular wall. Baigelunde says: "Fiber of cellulose accept rice is the main support of all plant construction, its characteristic is, size is calculated with accept rice, have high strenth and powerful tenacity. Have high strenth and powerful tenacity..
Cellulose comes out from the extraction in the lumber of papermaking, it is the bases of cellophane, people applies it in the new plastic material of scientist research and development again recently. But they regard a kind of cheap stuff stuff as it only, not pay attention to its mechanical function. However, the damage that the mechanical process that papermaking lumber is brought to bear on and this process causes to the individual cellulose fiber in paper, reduced the tenacity of paper greatly. Because of this Baigelunde and work in the same placing research and development the more gentle treatment process that can protect fibrous tenacity one kind.  

This kind of new method includes, use enzymatic decompose woodiness pulp, next have the aid of a mechanical agitator its section. The wind shear stress of generation brings about cellulose to decompose compositive fiber. The result is, the cellulose fiber float that was not damaged is in water. After water the platoon does, baigelunde discovers, these fiber combine compose reticulate together through hydrogenous key, form flowing " accept rice paper " . Mechanical test shows, this kind of paper has 214 million handkerchief fight Zhang Jiang to spend, than cast-iron (130 million handkerchief) return Jiang Ren, what use iron and steel with the building almost (250 million handkerchief) intensity is same. Of groovy paper fight piece of intensity not to exceed 1 million handkerchief. The paper that this test uses is 40 millimeter grow, 5 millimeter are wide, about 50 micron are thick.   
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