Development papermaking coating is valued with prospect of market of accept rice
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Calcium carbonate is used in papermaking industry, can make paper brightness good, solid, benefit writes the structure, Tu Bujun divide evenly, attrition spends low, easy platoon wet and Yi Gan dry. As a result of world papermaking course of study from on the century begins to turn to basic technology successfully by acidity craft at the beginning of 80 time, make the use of inserts produced revolutionary change: Prostitute Gou spells  Wu disconcerted the brightness that holds ameliorable paper of? of camphor tree of the  that push Lu high, do not appear gender, space to spend, bulk density. Alkaline base treatment basically is used at production pressworks subtly and writing paper, wait to newspaper a few important with paper, although use production of acid radical environment, but also can use calcium carbonate. At present the calcium carbonate in papermaking coating recipe makes dosage increases considerably, already from 5% ~ 10% rise 30% the left and right sides.

The world changes basic technology to papermaking by acidity going up 90 time metaphase achieves the century climax, with papermaking productivity plan, craft of alkalescent or neuter papermaking occupied the United States 1997 80% of papermaking total productivity, western Europe occupies 65%; to arrive 2000, the United States is tasted except a few special paper outside, 95% productivity already were used alkalescent or neuter, europe also is amounted to 80% . This kind changed calcium carbonate to a huge market. The calcium carbonate of papermaking coating class that at present our country produces cannot satisfy requirement, breach still needs an import complemental. As we have learned, the application in papermaking and coating production is at present most is accept rice calcium carbonate, accordingly, develop the inserts that calcium carbonate of accept rice class uses as papermaking coating energetically, market prospect very value.

Accept rice calcium carbonate is with metalloid mine limestone is raw material, the new product of important and inorganic salt that introduces precipitation method to synthesize preparation of technology of body of accept ground rice, bead diameter 10-100nm, because its bead way is small, active is good, it is a kind of new-style and inorganic material, have a lot of special functions, basically apply to the industry such as plastic, balata, papermaking, coating, printing ink, food, medicine, if be added in balata, its vulcanization glue extends rate, tear off function, compress be out of shape, be able to bear or endure bend flexibility can more general than adding calcium carbonate is tall. At present home has a few a few enterprises to produce accept rice calcium carbonate only, and crop is very small, cannot satisfy market demand. The character of calcium carbonate is OK character of diameter of colour and lustre of artificial adjusting control, bead, surface, dispersive degree, shed denaturation, touch denaturation and brilliant model etc, and purity of calcium carbonate chemistry is tall, chemical laziness is strong, thermal stability is good, won't decompose below in 400 Celsius. Additional, calcium carbonate still has oil absorption to lead low, hardness value of low, wear and tear is small, avirulent, without smelly, insipidity, dispersive sex is good wait for an advantage.
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