Printing machine of cycle of web of stage of our country head develops a success
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The printing machine of cycle of BEIREN3840A web business that our country passes through the first times to the standard configures a design and be made according to the country, by boreal person printing machine instrument Inc. made a success a few days ago. This machine not only fill the blank of printing machine of homebred business cycle, and with pressworking high qualitily quality, faster presswork to wait for function with higher automation rate, broke foreign manufacturer the pattern of exclusive China market.

In last few years, as the rapid development of manufacturing industry of printing machine tool, the bibcock company that Chinese printing machine instrument creates- - boreal person printing machine fetterses Inc. , quicken the pace of joint-stock collaboration, through introducing technology and product of tall intelligence part, printing machine of ceaseless promotion China makes a standard, make press of business of boreal person card had good quality. Printing machine of cycle of web of stage of our country head sets Zhou Xiang and axial on the function automatic overprint system, still set diagonal to move edition orgnaization and the folding machine group that have multinomial and advanced function, in printing machine in adding machine configuration uniform also the standard configuration that is international popularity. The electric part of this machine is the system of PLC network news report that uses computer monitoring to fall, this system includes: Of the set of the indication of the monitoring of moving condition, wrong breakdown, moving parameter and daily production forms for reporting statistics print etc. At present this product already infiltrated international market, sale presents ascendant trend. Boreal person puts China on the market this machine first, with respect to Wu of the Lin Yin that be collected finite liability company is bought.

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