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Henan saves industry of paper of Hua Feng of county of Zhi of the anxious fierce that make city the production of 3 months runs limited company index shows: Beset all the time the papermaking black liquor of papermaking course of study is alkaline reclaim 2 times contaminative control and resource change Bai Ni use difficult problem to be captured by Henan university. Current, this innovation achievement won 3 inventions patent in our country not only, also still obtained patent authorization in the country such as the United States, Australia, Russia.

As we have learned, black liquor of oar of alkaline legal system is the main pollution source of papermaking industry, the tradition is alkaline reclaim the pollution that the technology eliminated black liquor, also reclaimed alkaline, but reclaiming alkaline while produced much alkalescent waste residue however---Bai Ni. Medium-sized the factory that make a starch produces Bai Ni everyday hundreds tons, formed 2 serious pollution. Pollute a problem to solve Bai Ni 2 times, long-term since, a lot of domestic and international experts, scholar and papermaking enterprise undertook much research explores the job, if use Bai Ni the raw material that makes manufacturing cement, also have make Bai Ni calcium carbonate wait through the complex process such as carbonization, catharsis, but all because of cost too tall, technology is sophisticated wait for a problem and popularize application hard.

Current, be in our country, only factory of extremely individual and large wood pulp had white mud flash back, the majority makes oar paper mill is Bai Ni digging pit is filled bury. Go up century 80 time, group of task of professor of call together of Dong Xuezhi of chemical college of Henan university chemistry, moxa day began the research that pollutes 2 times in the light of Bai Ni, plan a project at assuming Henan to save great science and technology to tackle key problem 1994---"Papermaking black liquor is alkaline " of new technology of precipitation calcium carbonate is produced directly in reclaiming. Tackle key problem through technology of 20 years, "Papermaking black liquor is alkaline " of new technology of precipitation calcium carbonate is produced to obtain a breakthrough directly in reclaiming. The Bai Ni that this technology is not generation of pair of traditional paper mill undertakes contaminative administering or reclaim, pass however alkaline to traditional black liquor reclaim the decisive technology of foreword of exacting chemical industry is improved, avoid the generation of white mud waste residue from fountainhead, and be in reclaim alkaline while, the precipitation calcium carbonate that changes Bai Ni into papermaking place to need directly.

It is reported, use this patent technology, one produces per year the enterprise of the medium-sized papermaking that make a starch of 100 thousand tons of pulp, devoted equipment and ability change capital 4 million yuan or so, can reclaim on average from inside papermaking waste liquid everyday value amounts to 50 thousand yuan chemical industry product, can increase economic income newly every year more than yuan 1700, having apparent economy and social beneficial result. This patent technology learns the affirmation that papermaking bound expert gets on annual meeting of the 9th learning in Chinese papermaking. In April 2007, henan university becomes a shareholder with patent technology, with industry of paper of abundant of fierce Zhi county China limited company cooperates, investment has papermaking black liquor 4 million yuan alkaline reclaim Bai Ni pollutes control and resource to change new technology industrialization to carry out. Through 6 many lunar equipment is purchased, installation, debug, try produce, this year the beginning of the year, this project begins operation of formal put into production.
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