Ceramics and cultural integration into the paper culture four-star hotel locat
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Yesterday (10) morning, the international four-star hotel in Venice Jiajiang project started at the ceremony. Municipal Committee, Publicity Department Luojia Ming attended the ceremony. It is understood that Sweeney is a set of international hotel business, office, hotel, catering, leisure and entertainment as one of the four-star hotel. The hotel is the focus of this year, one of the city services, in the current expansion of domestic demand and promote growth of good policy, at the end of the project started right time. Countries to further expand domestic demand in the next case, Leshan, there will be more focus on projects under construction. Venice International Hotel owners Chenhuai Yun said, Jiajiang good investment environment is the main reason he chose here. Although the international financial crisis took place, the crisis and opportunity exist side by side, the current national policy to support the construction of the project is very beneficial, they will seize the golden opportunity to step up construction work for the hotel completed as soon as possible. It is understood that this hotel is expected to invest 1.2 billion upon completion, will have 300 rooms, tennis courts, swimming pool, banquet hall, recreation center and a simultaneous translation system, conference center, and paper into the unique culture of Jiajiang and ceramic culture.