Zhejiang Wenzhou: visit ancient villages Zeya paper culture
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Wenzhou Ouhai Osawa villagers along the good paper, its history has been for centuries. In recent decades, been the relocation of villagers in the mountains, paper of the workshop are also constantly moving down the hill. Today the village still seems to stay in the mountains Decline of almost increasing, but those who left the last paper's various sites boom, but also allows us to search for faint traces of past. Osawa West Bank in the area, because this relatively remote geographical location closed, the local paper was better preserved ancient village culture. Shueiduei Hang and Wong Hang is one of the more complete of the two preserved ancient village, now Zhejiang Province is listed as historical and cultural protection areas. Recently, we visited two villages one by one. Shueiduei Village is located in the mountains of arms of the yard, bamboo Lin Maosheng, small farming village, and now the resident population of less than 100 people, the residents were all Panxing family, the ancestors of the Qing Emperor Kangxi years since Ni from nearby Chapter village Moved more than 200 years of history. The villagers with rich bamboo resources, relying on the old paper-making technology to produce Nanping Paper livelihood. All the two-story residential building, except one for the nine bays, the other seven were all open , The architectural style of the Qing Dynasty can be classified as residential southern form, but with local characteristics. Village is located in the southern town of Zeya Huang, villages surrounded by mountains, two streams import, the villagers made use of stream water Shueiduei, the use of water bamboo, bamboo as raw material for manufacturing screen paper. Huang and Wu, primarily for residents of two families, the first Since the Yuan Dynasty people from Fujian Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, move, survive so far, there are seven hundred years of history. Keep together the different age of the Ming and Qing periods, different cultures, different architectural styles of the various residential forms, is the study of Ming and Qing Jiangnan village construction technology, building the concept of art and architecture is one of the best buildings in kind. Hang Wong Hang Shueiduei now and also most of the relocation of villagers, many ancient houses no hand protection. Stay in the village of mostly elderly, they are still doing the manufacturing Nanping Paper this ancient living.