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The past two years, e-reader market is a "suddenly, such as spring night", Kindle robust in much of the domestic immediately to keep up with other companies to be outdone, new products, new technologies, you do not Changba I debut. A few months ago, Apple If introduced in the shape close to the electronic reader, and have read function IPAD, a time applauded the latter, that many industry commentators come out and pronounced electronic reader ushered in the "Terminator." IPAD electronic reader and the dispute is "full" and "specialist" on the other, in the end is as long as the reader, or read more than entertainment and other features into account, as the two factions debate. Leading manufacturer of domestic electronic reader Jinke Hanlin, Chairman Dr. Li Qingcheng that e-books, paper and ink may not have the fragrance, but there must be the flavor of the book, he said that "the development of a handheld reader to the depth direction is to develop a single function to the industry in depth Comparison of the development in place to develop and have more promising and space, be sure to e-readers to read the text in the end, only the professional e-book reading can save the industry. " The proof of this fact that, according to foreign media reports, recently, One News Page site of 1,000 users in the United States and United Kingdom survey found that although respondents acknowledged the multifunctional aspect of IPAD "more Convincing ", but when used as a reading device, two-thirds (64%) of respondents still prefer to read a feature with jobs handheld reader. When "a special" meet "more able" Why not e-IPAD Electronic reader, is a specialized to meet the reading needs of the birth of the handheld terminal, which uses E-ink (electronic ink), and other technologies to provide users with a professional reading experience, which is similar to the terminal are not IPAD Can be compared. First, the electronic reader to read on the comfort of a large advantage. Habits are a powerful force, e-reader line with the traditional reading habits, the most obvious advantage is on the screen. Hanlin eBook mining With the E-ink e-ink screen, which not only can play freely comfortable reading effect, and can be read in the sun, a wide viewing angle characteristics of any position can be read also can not be replaced. IPAD by other terminals LCD panel Reflective screen, a serious, prolonged staring prone to visual fatigue, if it is outdoors, you will be very disappointed because it was dark and the screen will be a group. Second, the electronic reader is power, with superior battery life. For example, we in the holidays, won a book to read, it is easy reading for hours, even through the night to read a book, so people adopt 用 electronic devices to read when the requirements of life is very high, if no electricity began to read, very impact on our reading. Third, the e-reader with a clear price advantage. Dr. Li Qingcheng, said recently the company has sold Jinke Hanlin global V3 +, V5 Hanlin thousand dollars less than the price dropped, rolled out a new future Number will remain cost-effective route. Readers no matter how the price change itself, regardless of whether it will eventually be 200 dollars below the price of the IPAD is at 350 or 400 dollars or more. Therefore, the user enjoys reading lengthy works, the electronic reader is the best option, in addition, when we read a book, if carried a feature-rich devices, always unconsciously play tour Play, chat, watch the use of micro-Bo ...... a professional electronic reader will not bring this problem, users can "time pieces" fully utilize their schooling. E-readers and tablet PC segments but not PK Jinke Hanlin, Chairman Dr. Li Qingcheng that the IPAD Tablet PC, represented mainly for the entertainment needs, primarily for e-readers need to read between them is not a PK, but the relationship breakdown System, "IPAD, including e-books, pictures, video ...... there are many other things, we can model it as a 'take-all', but 'take-all' a 'take-all' ills, I think if this reader also uses Practice, there can be no future. Our approach must carry along on reading, books, practice, and to produce a new reading experience. Like a digital camera has gone through so many years, and not with Get rid of camera phones, digital cameras are still one hundred million a year in sales, it has a separate user space, independent role. " Hanlin eBook to be the best reading equipment Hanlin eBook is a professional electronic reader, the true should be equipped with specialized equipment, the reader, because they value reading, Tianjin Branch in strengthening the company has been doing homework on the reading effect, committed to Hanlin e Be the best reading equipment. Today, the Hanlin eBook already have a 5-inch to 9.7 inch from the full range of full size replica of the paper format reader and can read the language of more than 20 countries and most of Electronic document format, sold worldwide, has been recognized by millions of users. Said Dr. Li Qingcheng: "We Jinke company for 10 years there have been hard in this industry, we have two points: first, we must take the screen reader, or is a class paper to do a thorough reading; second, We must do a thorough reading the text. We can not expect to read the text do not fully expect it to pictures of, color of. This is since we all adhere to the 10 in the next 5 years or 10 years will not change Two completely because it will give us two complete business, but also will give us good returns. " Dr. Li Qingcheng Quotations - Electronic Reading industry development model is applied before the content delivery method to promote the terminal, but this approach may lead to the cottage of the final. From the current development situation, to promote the use of the contents of the terminal may be a More viable model of development. - IPad is a way to do with Coke's reading, the electronic reader products manufacturer is reading tea the way to do this thing called the two drinks, but not the same way, facing the crowd not the same. If it is the same Class of people, it must be the same group of people in different states of behavior. But anyway, after all, what Coke is Coke, tea is the tea things, among them the relationship between the market segments. - Electronic reader industry is absolutely there, the user's needs and there is absolutely there, but we need to wait for the practice and timing. For us, to be studied, to be developed, too many things to be developed, we can never say Now things on it. - Now is a screen reading segment times. TV to see things from about 3 meters 2 meters, the computer about 1 m, while the mobile phone, iPad, e-readers is 35 cm. Therefore, the electronic reader to solve 35 Cm or so of reading, not overwhelming and we want to put forward the main function.