First China Development Forum held in papermaking equipment at Bo
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The morning of October 18, the first paper-making equipment in China Development Forum held in Jiaozuo. Yang Bo former State Minister of Light Industry, won the first "Chinese Cai Lun Award" Lifetime Achievement Award of the leading experts YU Yi-ji, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, CHEN Ke-fu, Sun You-Xian, Yao Mu, Tan Jianrong, attended the opening ceremony.

It is understood that the first China Development Forum is a paper-making equipment, China Light Industry Machinery Association, China Paper Association, China Paper Association, National Federation of Paper Association, China Light Industry Group Corporation, China Light Industry Information Center, Chinese light industry enterprises Investment and Development Association, co-sponsored by seven units and organizations. The forum of "independent innovation, cooperation catch up" as the theme to discuss the development of China's paper industry equipment, strategic thinking and technical route for the revitalization of China's paper industry equipment to provide theoretical guidance and co-support platform.

The host China's first paper-making equipment development forum Wuzhi County, Jiaozuo City, is the processing of paper and paper products intensive enterprises, the development potential of a large county, with rivers and Paper, and many made Ruifeng Paper paper and paper products processing enterprises.