Manage article papermaking sells wood pulp business is covered now 200 million
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Manage article papermaking (02314, HK) late announcement announces 16 days of closing quotation, sell total equity of USLM and HKLM to WorthyPickGroupLimited, evaluate 200 million HK dollar, predict to sell accrual restrains 1 million HK dollar.

Announcement shows, USLM and HKLM all are the wholy-owned and affiliated company of manage article papermaking. The wood pulp that these two companies basically are engaged in be in Asian area produces professional work.

Manage article papermaking thinks, trade this offerred a good chance to make a group OK sell USLM and HKLM are covered now, make the company can win better get one's own back in Chinese major servicing. After selling USLM and HKLM rights and interests clinch a deal, the company will be more dedicated the major servicing at developing China.

Announcement shows, offer earning money, worthyPickGroupLimited pays cent 7 times, will finish all disbursement on March 31, 2010.

Manage article papermaking says, sell earning money will bring additional and financial natural resources for the company, this money will use as further development company carries in the battalion of Chinese business capital.

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