Zhang Hongzhong: Paper rises in price may not is not meddlesome
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The emission according to the tradition idea, newspaper needs to bigger real impression just has bigger reader on behalf of newspaper group, just also can produce consequence, american ABC orgnaization does this respect to work namely. When each domestic newspaper office is being recommended to advertiser, circulation also is the mainest index of size of consequence of newspaper of a proof. And two years paper rises in price again and again recently, a lot of newspaper offices are incessantly of this complain of suffering, regard the obstacle of a “ that affects newspaper office development as ” .

Newspaper carries valence to mean a reader group prediction of a person's luck in a given year, but do not raise price cost too tall, a lot of moment sell useless newspaper to still make money than selling paper, the Zhou Wu that centers in advertisement especially, the newspaper office fears newspaper is too thick be sold to abandon a newspaper, advertisement is about to think on repeatedly, restricted newspaper advertising to extend. Still a few newspaper want to enhance competition ability through adding space of a whole page, paper rises in price to make cost raises again, because of this in a dilemma.

Actually, make reader scale and rely on traditional paper to issue not just, of reader dimensions build with hold together be much channel. Of newspaper competition ability rising also is not simple support increases layout to come true.

Above all, home is issued effectively what still go up without real significance. Issue a concept effectively truly to include two implications, it is right the reader has complete database government, the extensive type of change newspaper is issued, can wait for the accurate sale that begins minute of category according to the preference of reader group, demand. If Chongqing morning paper is building reader database, include reader database of the competitor; 2 it is the size that inspects newspaper to be led in the pass round for perusal in the reader, this is nodded often by oversight, but special below the setting that current paper rises in price key. It is to publish a newspaper likewise, only the pass round for perusal of two 3 people leads some paper, some newspaper can reach 56 people, such, presswork the paper with similar measure, reader dimensions has however be close to the difference of one times. Arrive by this year June in July the first ten days of a month, I just completed work of an agency survey in Fujian, feeling is very deep. In fontal city an economy special the area that develop, those who have a paper is actual presswork the quantity is many 50 thousand, its reader in the dweller is enclothed leading is 30% ; Have a paper additionally presswork the quantity is less than 30 thousand, but its reader in the dweller is enclothed rate achieve however 50% . Presswork hidebound newspaper instead the reader is much, corresponding advertisement effect also is latter good. How to raise the rate of pass round for perusal of newspaper? This is in with respect to need different content board piece build reader demand model, pass each content board piece the rate of pass round for perusal that demand model will come enlarge newspaper.
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