Inflection point of bearing of papermaking trade situation comes
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The biggest base paper that pack produces the Asia industry of paper of business nine dragon, recently but not great have an easy time, share price drops not to say greatly, much home orgnaization still looks in succession empty this. This must let investor fear domestic papermaking pressworks board piece appear on the market company, this board piece the near future drops quickly, the market circulates the industry will be faced with the viewpoint of inflection point, the likelihood becomes reality.

Macroscopical environment influence is being deepened

Should say at present A is bearing of all industry medium shot opposite taller are there those? Papermaking pressworks the industry is absolutely among them one of. Whole industry profit grows considerably since this year, amplitude was to achieve more new tall, continued since last year strong performance, the price that all paper plant all appeared different rate rises, whole industry it may be said " scene is clinking " .

But, this board piece enter appear to drop quickly after October posture. The adjustment since computation begins from last year, board piece drop not small.

16 days, this board piece bibcock morning cries paper industry (000488, closing quotation price 5.1 yuan) in drop to trade 5 times repeatedly on the foundation of day, drop greatly again 6.93 % , drop during already exceeded 25 % , and become greatly point to drop during this have 10 % only.

In this board piece in have similar go of situation still have many, for instance sun paper industry (002078, closing quotation price 7.08 yuan) , come from September 26 yesterday, drop had been close to 40 % , still drop yesterday 9.69 % ; Industry of Yue Yang paper yesterday dish in it is to drop for a time more stop, close eventually drop 9.2 % .

16 days, papermaking pressworks board piece drop panel height amounts to 6.55 % , the platoon is in all board piece drop a front row, and since be being nodded high last year oneself, this board piece drop had exceeded 70 % . Below the setting that investor worries about to in macroeconomic growth puts delay, industry future is irretentive continue grow, this is a when it drops urgently recently main reason.

Share price of industry of nine dragon paper steeps fall 96 %

The daily of yesterday of industry of nine dragon paper that appears on the market in Hong Kong receives 1.21 HK dollar, although odd-numbered days is small only,drop 0.82 % , but it is the closest " bluff " of type drop to still let investor one's heart still fluttering with fear.

Will drop on October 8 16.3 % , 10 days drop 19.55 % , 14 days drop 17.82 % , 15 days drop 14.69 % , yesterday the share price of industry of nine dragon paper is to issue explore to come for a time more 1 HK dollar, relatively top last year share price 26.75 HK dollar, the biggest drop already exceeded 96 % , and be below such setting, much home orgnaization comes on stage " sing empty " grade is right industry of Jiu Long paper is very adverse also.
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