Another name for Guangdong Province 2.5 billion solve sewage problem to decrease
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On August 29, guangdong governor Huang Huahua is saving pollution to reduce a job completely emphasize on the conference, polluting index of sex of the tie that decrease a platoon is the Party Central Committee, the State Council the made stimulative science progress, significant move that builds harmonious society, it is the red line of impassable. No matter difficulty has how old, the task has many arduous, must finish, without leeway.

When " 915 " during the plan carries out metaphase to save pollution to decrease a job to fail to achieve level sex goal completely, the force that government of province of provincial Party committee decides to will lift complete province is hit win pollution to decrease a battle of assault fortified positions, guangdong pollution processing will come true " leap 2 times " .

Allocate funds 2.5 billion solve sewage disposal problem

"Thanksed to to save li of support, construction of our sewage treatment plant is able to quicken, construction tubal a network also can be started. " Chen Qing of mayor of 4 meetings city appreciates the ground to say. According to introducing, as complete this year province 10 big focal points supervise and direct of environmental problem alone water river environment is integrated the major project of punish- - sewage treatment plant of 4 meetings city progress of rate of 2 period industry is slow, just begin construction till September.

Owe to drive develop construction of zone sewage treatment plant, province government near future rolls out a pollution to decrease an innovation act, the decision takes out 2.5 billion yuan by province finance package solve complete province to owe develop zone sewage treatment plant builds capital. According to working program, thing north area the entire county of city of 15 ground level (city) city (the urban district) in all 100 many, total dimensions is many tons 300 / the sewage treatment plant of day, will begin construction entirely before the bottom 2008, sewage built to handle installation centrally entirely before the bottom 2009, play reduced a benefit 2010. In the light of construction tubal a network lag affects the issue of the effect that decrease a platoon, according to " factory net develops simultaneously, tubal net is measurable lead " principle, working program returned pair of construction tubal a network to also plan special and accessorial fund.

"Originally 4.6 million tons of breach / the sewage disposal ability of day, solved many tons 300 at a draught nowadays, plus hind two years bead the sewage treatment plant that 51 centers guard and each city build trigonometry area even, the State Council that finish is affirmatory " 915 " chemical oxygen demand cut down the task to have safeguard. " Li Qing of director of bureau of province environmental protection says.

"Sewage disposal wants to quicken, idea idea is liberated first! " Huang Huahua's governor pollutes conference of the job that decrease a platoon to go up to save sewage disposal to collect fees in the light of me in complete province reform put forward to make clear a requirement again.
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