Practice can develop continuously enunciative drive productivity to develop name
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On June 29, 2008, APP is published in Hainan " acceptance of China of base oneself upon, green " can develop continuously enunciative, from can last battalion forest practice, clean production, energy-saving decrease a platoon, fulfill enterprise citizen responsibility and supportive community to build 5 respects to give commitment to the society, ton water of pulp bad news, ton pulp catchment, chemical oxygen demand (the set such as COD) specific target, to can last battalion forest and biology diversity protection are sought and offer a solution.

2008 8, between September, the organization of 6 environmental protection such as green peace is in APP(China) industry of subordinate Jin Dong paper appears on the market during environmental protection is checked, china of successive doubt APP() multinomial environment violates act, do not accord with appear on the market environmental protection checks a requirement.

On October 14, 2008, APP(China) released " ' China of base oneself upon, green acceptance ' can develop continuously enunciative " the first quarter report since, can develop continuously from forestry, clean production, energy-saving decrease a platoon, the enterprise society responsibility progress situation that just faces affirmatory content was made to the society announce.

3 many short lunar time, the apply colours to a drawing that organizes in green and equal environmental protection and media contend for photograph attention to fall, the person that APP goes with the carry out of concept of advanced environmental protection again, advocate and environment violate an enterprise two kinds of disparate figure appear before the public, industry of paper of APP Jin Dong was become what organize as a result of environmental protection to intervene by fixed position even become our country environmental protection fair first since showing a system to carry out appear on the market suffocate suffocate enterprise.

APP(China) organize with environmental protection, after all who more the responsibility that bona fide conveyed pair of societies to be able to develop continuously to the public and effort, pass through pair of APP head the portion can grow what enunciative quarter reports to unscramble continuously, we find the solution not hard.

Push motive instrument to change battalion forest, it is the liberation of pair of forestry productivity and development.

Forestry serves as the traditional industry of our country, all the time since develop the condition with inferior level at productivity, work way primitive, crop concept of low, management is backward make production of our country forestry lags behind at developed country level far. After reforming and opening, the contradiction between the demand of forestry material culture that increases ceaselessly to solve people and backward forestry productivity, our country artificial Lin Ke ground to get very great progress with construction, plant with the number such as ash, poplar, pine to represent artificial Lin Yan investigate, already approached world advanced level nearly. But, the manufacturing management that ground of artificial Lin Ji builds, still lag behind at developing world level.
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