Yangzhou river tries water company blowdown authority is paid exchange
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Before before long, in the world company of group of Fa of sea of A of France of 500 strong companies and river city Jin Xin electric equipment signs in be defeated by generatrix of distribution GIS high pressure to manage cooperative project, one eletroplates subproject, to make this technology content tall, the subproject mount a horse with little pollution, river city is clever exercise blowdown authority trades, counterpoised blowdown to exchange a joint ventures from an enterprise through market pattern, deduced an environmental protection " vacate basket change a bird " story, those who realized development economy and protective environment is double win.

Blowdown authority trades even if in control the principle that pollutes gross falls, counterpoise the blowdown of an enterprise through market pattern paid exchange is used to another, already resource of reasonable configuration environment, can promote industrial structure to optimize again. Vacate environmental space to give enterprise of settle of a batch of priority discipline, dimensions progress, promote whole town environment quality, since last year, river city shuts small chemical industry early or late 64, eletroplate to 23 company of enterprise, 39 zinc estate begins integrated punish. Because broke environmental protection this one bottleneck, a Hai Fa and golden Xin will invest 5000 much dollars early or late, make an Asia jointly the high pressure with the biggest, top-ranking international is defeated by distribution to combine division of garden of industry of electric equipment form a complete set, dimensions of prospective produce and sale will realize 2 billion yuan of above.

As we have learned, through " vacate basket change a bird " type of this one party runs blowdown authority is paid of exchange, in river still have several companies. Small discipline presses down some group and Han endowment new project of collaboration, wu Jian presses down some company and beauty endowment high-tech project of collaboration, it is through shutting other pollution heavier, dimensions eletroplates lesserly enterprise, vacate environmental space is able to come true.

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Fine promote: Plain code trades " environmental resource "

Blowdown authority should take money to buy, this is not tentative idea of a kind of system, in Zhejiang fine promote, it already became absolutely true fact. Want a new project before, must wait for a few old companies to shut, fall into disuse vacate blowdown index, ability is obtained batch. OK now the index decreasing a platoon that through trading the center buys other company sell one's own things, make the project is carried out smoothly.

This year March, zhejiang fine start city " authority of main contaminant blowdown trades method (try out) " regulation, since November 1, 2007, all approve construction project newly to add main contaminant newly to discharge index, must pass trade paid obtain, must trade in what the government appoints platform does business, trade to disable otherwise.
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