Sun paper industry is cast build place of Lin Ji of Laos oar paper to judge
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Invest this to Laos, sun paper industry will build pulp forest in Laos base mixes 300 thousand tons / year blanch hardwood pulp factory; Pulp forest base plans 100 thousand hectare, in Laos Sha Wan takes auspicious province and circumjacent area, among them 30 thousand hectare is self-supporting, 70 thousand hectare and collaboration of local common people are built.

Our country is the country that lacks as a result of forestry resource, the difficulty that acquires big forest land is great and cost is high. And Laos and Chinese border on, political situation is stabler, the relation between our country and Laos is long-term and friendly, laos government is held to the investment of Chinese enterprise urge policy, relationship of trade of two countries classics is ceaseless and thorough in recent years, cooperative domain widens ceaselessly. This makes the risk of the investment outside the condition of the company is reduced relatively; This makes the forest land resource that in future the company inside quite long time obtains can be stabilized.

Laos is a landlocked nation, traffic to controlling industry of oar, papermaking character is adverse, nevertheless Sha Wan of seat of item of company oar line takes auspicious to save color to go straight towards a county to be located in the south of Laos, , this the project carries out the ground -- Sha Wan takes auspicious to save harbor of Xian of Vietnam of lubricious distance going straight towards a county to be 280 kilometers, contrast of traffic carriage photograph is more convenient. Together with, laos economy is given priority to with agriculture, industrial instability, have cheap rental cost and more abundant labour force resource.

Laos " forest oar paper unifinication " the project is started make clear peep of effect of company international strategy, in upper reaches outspread it is important to be stridden one pace. The carries out will advantageous company raw material of the project is self-sufficient rate, safeguard is mixed amply steady raw material source. And be based on papermaking and the manufacturing industry attribute of the business that make a starch, gain the influence that gets supply demand relations the society average gain, special system now the near future as make an oar produce can release stage by stage, the gain space of catenary of the industry that make a starch is compressed stage by stage, gain ability relies on the cost of lumber greatly, this requirement firm enhances the control power to forestry resource. Company besides the pulp that runs Yan state this locality and circumjacent region actively forest, still with " international eye shot " search right country and area construction " forest oar paper unifinication " project, reflected the develops the strategy for a long time fixed position of the company.

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