Zhejiang rich this world caboodle of 4 buildings tall waste paper lights one pap
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Controlled 2:30 16 days afternoon, village of mine of big source of Zhejiang rich this world promotes lot of waste paper of river paper industry, the smother that rises suddenly psyched out a lot of people. The spot is piling many waste paper, this one rises but disastrous. Spot masses was hit rapidly 119 call the police.

Receive after calling the police, group of rich in relief fire control expedites 4 fire engine to be driven toward the spot, in road, the 4 full-time fire department of area under administration is urgent also reinforce of the spot that be gone to by tone, much when, the fire engine of the spot has 78. When fire control branch drives an accident to the spot, igneous situation already very big.

Of on fire is the waste paper caboodle that an open air piles up, the area is very large, have hundreds of square metre, have 4 buildings so tall. Right now the scene of a fire already was blaze towering, conflagration is in violent combustion phase. Fire is lending wind influence fast to all around spread, direct menace tightens the workshop that be next to to reach additionally waste paper piles. After understanding a situation, the commander gives orders to part by battle group instantly from south attack with the east, prevent igneous situation to close be next to workshop, control fire situation spreads expand. Undertook to the employee all round and masses scattered.
A few squirt aim the scene of a fire at the same time, igneous situation is very fast controlled inside the limits that piles in waste paper, in doing not have past storehouse, spread.

In waste paper caboodle, one Zhang Zhang paper piles together, because range is wide, a lot of waste paper below are in shade to light level, igneous situation is controlled hard temporarily. Zhang Shi teach says the villager of pass by, outside cordon, the temperature that still can find the scene of a fire is very high, it is far especially, can see very big one big round fire.

Fire control branch is in rush to save life and property of spot do all one can, many people already all over damp. Through the nervous rush to save life and property of near 3 many hours, afternoon 6 when 30 minutes, igneous force is main controlled. But still have fire burning, as colour of sky gradually late, the difficulty of rush to save life and property begins to increase. Much at 8 o'clock in the evening, the spot still can see have bright fire. The area crude guess of on fire has hundreds square.

Surround Mr Wang of view to say, this waste paper piles at ordinary times how didn't everybody also notice, the spot seemed to a car is burned yesterday rose, the likelihood is such ignition waste paper piles. Specific reason, fire control department says to still need to await further investigation.

When distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, fireman still is in rush to save life and property.

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