Chongqing: The enterprise was discharged corrupt on hill goes planting tree
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The enterprise should discharge contaminant only, protect tree job to forest with respect to essentials. 16 days, reporter Cong Yongchuan division forestry bureau learns, this area try out " zoology is compensated " system, enterprise of the blowdown inside area under administration wants forest this year 5000 mus.

Go up month, always plain controller of group of one large mining industry, will to city of Yong Chuansen Lin Cheng build leader group, active request is contributive in the forest on a barren mountain 200 mus, this need throws about 400 thousand yuan.

Always Chen Jibing of director of bureau of plain division forestry introduces, from on the month begins try out " zoology is compensated " system, basically wait for blowdown enterprise in the light of a few chemical industry, colliery, quarry, although blowdown amounts to mark, also want to undertake zoology compensates forest. The enterprise already can cultivate nurse oneself, also but contributive afforestation, ask person nurse. Some enterprises wish to admit more even build, admit raise afforestation of slope of barren mountain barren.

Whole town of act of this one innovation is banner. In addition, always plain still will pass other way new afforestation 356 thousand mus, make " of city · warmth of the forest " . One of other afforestation means develop energetically namely cultivate fast bamboo of unripe eucalyptus, cross " fast Feng Lin " , use technical tree to grow cycle falls to 4 years. Place introduces social capital afforestation actively still. Company of a papermaking throws 150 million yuan, the plan is built " fast Feng Lin " 150 thousand mus, had cultivated 50 thousand mus at present.

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